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Contact: UABbulldogs
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: USA, Ohio, Toledo
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Joshua Antoine

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Biscuit is still a very young stud that's a blue Merle with two stunning blue eyes. He was a fresh 13 months in the photo and still has plenty of room on his 24" 85lb frame to grow more. He should easily be a nice 95lbs specimen at full maturity. His temperament is spectacular and ideal for the breed. He has accomplished all the 3 levels of "CGC".

LSK'S Ebony Rose is a very lean working style Bulldog! She is 20" 62lbs and has already produced a few great male Alapahas with Akuma Stone and Moose Stone. She has a very protective nature.

The purpose of this selective breeding is to develop Alapahas whose desirable traits have strong heritable components and can therefore be propagated. We have determined tha

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