LAGOTTO ROMAGNOLO OF CANADA (LRC) - DUCKETTS -#1Premium Champion lineage - 2017/18.

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Contact: Beatrice Duckett
: 250 586-5133
: Canada, Parksville
: $2,850.00

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LAGOTTO ROMAGNOLO OF CANADA (LRC) CANADAS #1 BREEDER of the ancient rare Breed Lagotto Waterdogs.
Ducketts are proud to present Champion, BFJE/LSD/FF Excellent Lineage, registered Canadian Kennel Club- DCKLAGOTTO KENNELS - Premium #1 Breeders of Canadas Working Lagotto at their Truffle Plantations, Duckett Truffieres. Gentle, non-shedding Working Lagotto, perfect for Family .Companions, Show, Therapy, and Service. The Canadian Club exclusively requested Ducketts to present the Lagotto Romagnolo Conformation Standard in 2012. Lagotto were accepted as a breed in 2012, and are now being fully recognized, RESERVE - PUPPIES PLANNED 2017 2018- or for an APPLICATION FORM.

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