Faux Frenchie puppies 3/4 French 1/4 Boston Terrier

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Contact: Catherine Farmer
: (423) 426-5158
: USA, TN, Limestone
: $1,350.00
Catherine Farmer

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Faux Frenchie’s are the offspring of a registered Frenchton (mother) and a registered French bulldog (father). Faux Frenchie’s have fewer chances of health issues compared to pure bred French Bulldogs but they are at a slightly higher risk than a Frenchton. This small increase is due to the additional French Bulldog DNA they have. Since the French bulldog genetics are more dominate, Faux Frenchtons often favor the French bulldog in their appearance. They tend to be closer to a French bulldog in weight and height. So, owners should expect a heavier, pet which can be up to 28 pounds and 15 inches in height. They come in a wide variety of colors from both their Boston terrier and Frenchie heritage. They are often compact in size with a flat he

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