CFA Himalayan Persian - Flame Point

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Contact: Bobbi King
: 707-337-9223
: USA, Ca, Galt
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Bobbi King

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SERVICE Pets for disabled, depressed or other (PTSD, emotional assistance) etc. needing comfort from a gentle pet. Seeking outside bloodlines to enhance our program. Kitten back acceptable for CFA medically cleared queens. Persians are the basis of a number of other current breeds and for other breeds / development of exotics etc.
Stud fee donation if using our CFA studs for that purpose.
Our purpose is to enhance the lives of others through the comfort and interrelation with an easy to care for pet. The responsibility of pet ownership is oftentimes the only reason for getting out of bed or going outside the home to acquire food or see to the needs of the pet, encouraging social interaction with others outside the home.

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